The Human Race, the dominant sapient species on Tangent, are a playable race in the Seven Elements. They are curious, intelligent and resourceful.

Human TraitsEdit

A male human is on average 5'9", while an average female is about 5'4". A curious and generally intelligent lot, they carry +2 on intelligence as well as +2 to all weapons under 50% of their total health. They have no outlandish traits, being generic humans.

Their base land speed is 30(6 squares), while they are expected to live to be 72 on average.

Humans may eat a diet of whatever is edible, but cannot eat too much meat. This can cause them to be bloated, gain weight and take massive penalties. However they can eat only vegetables with no problems.

A human can imitate many sounds and accents, and because of the intelligence easily can learn new languages.