The Komi are one of the playable races in the Seven Elements. A small race of cat-like humans, they are quick, nimble and perceptive.

Komi TraitsEdit

A male Komi is about 5'3" tall, while a female is only 5'0". A very short people compared to the Humans or Houndmen, they make up for this with a +2 to Spot as well as a +2 to unarmed melee. Their bloodbase is Magnoglobin, rather than hemoglobin as in humans, meaning their blood is made of magnesium. They dislike swimming in water due to this, and have a chance to become Shaken if they are made to swim. When bleeding, their blood, being made of magnesium, can react violently with water, causing a bubbly reaction, or in presence of much blood, a small explosion may occur.

Their base land speed is 35(7 squares) and their life expectancy is around 70. They also have retractable claws, able to be sheathed or unsheathed as a free action.

As cats they have a taste for fish, and will gain slightly more HP(25% more) and feel a little more full(1.5x) when they eat it.

Naturally, Komi have the ability to make all sounds a cat is able to(Meows, hisses, screeches etc) by default. While this cannot really help, it can attract cats or be an unassuming signal when Komi are thieving together. This signal can be heard at normal range by Komi and cats, but at only a fourth the range by any other species.

Komi Traits gained by Leveling UpEdit

At Level 5, a Komi becomes proficient(+1) in freerunning, enabling it to do better at it.

At Level 7, Komi gain +2 in Hide.

At Level 11, Komi get a new skill(Speed Dart) allowing them to sprint off at double their base land speed to a location, good to use to escape combat but not to rush into it, as afterwards there is a -2 to Physical Prowess for five turns, and the Komi becomes flat-footed.

At Level 16, Komi gain a +3 in both Lockpicking and Pickpocketing, but only at night.

At Level 20, a Komi becomes Legend and gets a +3 in Fast Talking due to popularity.