The Wood Elves are another playable race in the Seven Elements. They are somewhat like humans, albeit taller, and their ears are mouse-ears, on top of their heads.

Wood Elf TraitsEdit

A male wood elf averages about 5'9", while female average around the same. They carry a +2 Listen Bonus as well as a +2 in Freerun. They naturally have a taste for nuts or berries, and any wild-picked food will make them 25% more full and gain back 25% more health. Eating meat, while possible, must be done as a full-round action if done in combat.

Their base land speed is 35, while their life expectancy can be about 120.

Wood Elves have the ability to squeak like a mouse. This sound can be heard for long distances, but can cause people unaware of a Wood Elf's presence to become Shaken.

Wood Elf Traits gained by Leveling UpEdit

Automatic +1 in Wood Bows when Level 3 is reached 

+2 in Dodging when Level 7 is reached

+2 HP Regeneration at Level 10

+1 Elemental Resistance at Level 15

+3 Survival at Level 18